When I photograph, my pleasure is to freeze in time an unusual action, a moment of life, a smile, a comical situation, an event, a gaze…

The idea that guides me is to capture these fleeting and ephemeral emotions.

Photography is, above all, the ENCOUNTER it provides and the MOMENT it freezes.

Whether it’s in events or for corporate reports where human and productive values must resurface, or for an artist’s portrait that showcases their art, it’s the talents of each individual that I love to highlight.

I look forward to meeting you and experiencing these emotions together.

If you have projects in mind where photography can play a key role, I would be delighted to discuss possible collaborations.

Professional Photographer in Corporate Communication (Events, People & Products)

Based in Valencia (Spain) and Paris (France) – Available Worldwide 😉

I speak French 🇫🇷, English 🇬🇧, and Spanish. 🇪🇸

I capture Moments Happiness Emotions for you

I am open to creative ideas and enthusiastic about the prospect of working together to create memorable memories and impactful images.

Looking forward to meeting you and seizing beautiful photographic opportunities together! 📸 🤝



Events & Corporate

Capturing the essence of every moment, whether it's a special event or a slice of everyday life. With a blend of professionalism and creativity, I strive to craft images that tell stories, evoke emotions, and freeze memories authentically

Products Packshot

My product packshot photography service transforms your items into visual stars. I capture every detail, highlighting the quality and aesthetics of your products. The resulting images are ready to be seamlessly integrated into your marketing, website, or catalogs, enhancing the appeal of your products to your customers.


My portrait photography service captures the essence of your personality and style. Whether it's for professional, artistic, or personal portraits, I create authentic images that reflect your unique character. My goal is to capture the beauty and truth of each face, creating memorable and impactful portraits that tell your story.

Stage & Artists

My stage and artist photography captures the magic of every performance. With a passion for art and creativity, I freeze the energy, emotion, and unique expression of each moment on stage. My photos spotlight the talent of artists and performers.

Animals shows

Photography for animal competitions across Europe. With a keen eye and a passion for animals, I capture the grace, beauty, and elegance of the participants in these contests. My images reflect the determination, bond, and pride of both the owners and their animals. I'm here to immortalize these precious moments and create lasting memories of these exceptional competitions.