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Let's value the arts and crafts together

Let’s collaborate to highlight crafts with exceptional skills. Together, let’s value these crafts for the general public, especially among younger generations.

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Reportage Photo Bruno Charles
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Why the arts and crafts?

I have the conviction and intuition that at a time when many professions and entire sectors are being completely disrupted by automation and artificial intelligence, the arts and crafts represent a bastion of irreplaceable know-how and authentic creativity. Their resistance to industrialization and their ability to transmit unique skills from generation to generation make them not only guardians of our cultural heritage but also sources of innovation and inspiration for younger generations, offering stable and enriching career opportunities in a constantly evolving world.


The arts and crafts sector represents 60,000 businesses in France, with an annual turnover of 8 billion euros (source: INMA).


100,000 jobs are generated by the arts and crafts sector in France, with a strong demand for new skills and stability in the face of technological evolution.


Unlike many sectors, manual trades require expertise and human creativity that are difficult to replace with artificial intelligence.

Why a photo report?

Métier reportage

Inspiring New Generations

My captivating photo reports reveal the beauty and complexity of the arts and crafts, inspiring young people to explore and embrace artistic and creative careers.

Preserving a Unique Legacy

By collaborating together, you contribute to the preservation and promotion of the arts and crafts, ensuring their transmission and valorization for future generations. Maximize the impact of your presence in the field of arts and crafts.

Visibility and Recognition

Give visibility to your unique know-how, attracting the attention of the media, art lovers, and institutions. Show your commitment to excellence by highlighting your expertise through professional and aesthetic images.

Enduring Commitment to the Arts and Crafts

Show your support for creators and artisans, thereby strengthening your brand image and social responsibility. You will have a lasting impact, influencing perceptions and sparking interest in the arts and crafts in the long term.

Together, let's inspire future generations!

By participating in this project, we will help show young generations the potential and future of the arts and crafts. These reports will be a powerful tool to raise awareness and inspire, demonstrating that these crafts offer not only career opportunities but also personal and professional fulfillment.

Reportage métiers Bruno Charles

So, if you want to highlight your unique know-how and excellence, just contact me!

Are you a company with unique know-how that is part of a collective of arts, crafts, or industrial professions? Do you want to showcase your expertise to your future recruits or simply highlight your craft of excellence to the general public or your federation?

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Bruno Charles, photographer and curious traveler

I am Bruno Charles, an entrepreneur and professional photographer specializing in highlighting the passions of people who are experts in their field and eager to transmit their craft. Through my lens, I aim to capture and magnify the passionate work of artisans and professionals with unique skills.